Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rap On Headphones 8

So after months of overcast skies and chilly weather it's time for the summer kick off! What better way to do it then being a total nerd and listening to rap music on your headphones? The first track by New York local Cool Calm Pete just screams summer. Blu's 'show me the good life' sounds like night time with no traffic on the 405. Ex Antipop Consortium members M sayyid and high Priest were always ahead of their time. All of this electro rap that everyone thinks is so ground breaking was already explored by these two. This track is no exception..it's fucking great. Other notable tracks, Prince Po killing it 'Last of the Greats' from Percee P's solo album(finally..right?). An odd track is 3rd Bass' Prime Minister Pete Nice's "Rich Bring 'Em Back" featuring a very young Alex "The Worm King" also known as Cage of 'Movies for the Blind' fame. Not an exceptional track but notable at least. Anyways I ramble. hope you enjoy.
Download here.

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Klaimco said...


that illustration is bonkers. nice work. i am going to upload this mix first thing tomorrow morning @ work. it looks like it's gonna be good...