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Reflection Eternal ft. Bun B

New Reflection Eternal Album out April 20th. From what's been released of it sounds good.

Monday, March 22, 2010

march madness

It's been a minute, so heres two..

Sleptembers # 8
"untitled" -MadLib -2003
"Memphis “ -Don Covay -1964
? -Ol'DirtyBastard - ??
"Changed my mind “ - Latryx(Quannum mc's) -1999
“Death Becomes you” -John Doe -200?
“Internationaly known” - Count Bass-D -2007
“The Sun” -Ghost Face, Raekwon, Slick Rick, Rza -2001
“Revelations” -Mos def -2009
?? - ?? - ?
??? -Roots( sandwich ep) -2009

sleptembers # 9= (the time mix).

"50 years" - All Natural - 1997
"Today " - Tom Scott -1967
"2525" - Zager & Evans -1969
"time is passing" -Sun -196?
"2am" -Cool Calm Pete -2006
"right place wrong time" -Dr.John -1973
"Third world" - Paladin -1971
"you & I" -Silver Apples -1969
"Cherry cup cake twist" -Blues Section -1968
"Time" -Ottis the 3rd -1970

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Hood Tuesday goes out West...

A Bone Thugs movie called I Tried put a face to a name that a lot of people already knew about. Most people already know cuz but just in case, allow me to introduce you to Nipsey Hustle. This isn't a best of, it's a compilation of his three mixtape slash album series Bullets Ain't Got No Names. The title track (Bullets ain't got no name) and Strapped are two of my favorite, but all in all dude is pretty hard body. At least Epic thinks so. I included the strapped video, and remember. If Tuesday is close by its gotta be hood

1 Flight

This video contains scenes taken from Andre's "Sweeet Cheeeks" DVD, a full length animated porn feature. Coming soon to an awkward spank box near you. Also, get ready for an Andre primer coming soon to a New Kidz near you.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Prepare when I come with no underwear

Unreleased from the Sex Style Archives

dont zzzzzz

Sleptember #7 march 2010
"Jazz Thing" - GangStar (0:49)
"Run" Remix - GhostFace Killah & Comp (5:18)
"Warrior song" - 9th Wonder (7:51)
"Masta I.C." (d.mouse remix ) - Mic Geronimo (8:27)
"Soul Food" - Goodie Mob (10:21)
"Collage" - James Gang (13:08)
"The Long Wait -Morton Stevens (16:57)
"Burning The midnight oil " -Jimmy Hendrix (18:22)
"Give up the goods" -Mobb Deep (22:00)
"Manifique" -Keith Murray (23:33)
"Feel it in the air" -Beanie Sigel (27:16)
"Jealous Guy" -Donny Hathaway ( 29:46)
"Otha Fish" -Pharcyde (32:53)


Usually I try to stick to themes. The theme this time is rap, and rap I've been listening to now. A lot. I listen to jams from the dudes represented here while I keep it real in the lab. Hopefully your ___________ time will be a little more fresh with some loosies.