Monday, November 29, 2010

The Beach Is Boring II

A little while back I posted a summer time mix. Its fully winter mode now, even for southern California. But here's Part II of music you don't have to surf to. Maybe it'll warm you up.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

No Thanks No Giving

Warriors Blood...(fucking around)...America. The land of greed and home of the slaves. When I saw these dudes they had axes on stage, it was all Native Americans wiling out really hard in the audience taking off their shirts and shit. MC's Teyonienkwataseh and Thanokate only have these three jams (theres three songs here, its time to bring the rukus, the great natural law and the woman song) all produced by Teyonienkwataseh. While you're enjoying your turkey taste the blood on it. Happy thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jay-Z live tour footage with Big Daddy Kane & Positive K

This audio footage has been floating around for a while. Cool to see the actual video footage.

Hood Tuesday Snoop Dogg edition

Shiggel Diggel. Its Hood Tuesday Niggel. And yes weve got something from the Snoopy do double gizzle. Its rizzle. really rizzle. You looking for that Over Tha Counter Snoop Dogg demo tapes? You looking for some unreleased Snoop from the Death Row days? Cause both of those bases are covered. You might reckonize some of these verses and different versions of joints you know that show up later, but hey. If its Tuesday than its gotta be Snoop.

NBA jam jams?

Still toying around with this one but I do love me some NBA jam. You had me at hello.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

How the Gods Chill : Sean P and Cold World

Big ups to Maxx Starr

Snow White Keeps it Poppin'

Sleptembers #13

Posted up here in the woods of Canada, i bring you number 13..Some Instrumentals, an ode to P.C.P, and some other goodies..enjoy!

Intro - Sleptembers
"Free Salute" - Little Barrie (2005)
"Shere Kahn" - The Controls Feat. Aesop Roc (1999)
"Forever Heavy" Black Moth Super Rainbow (2007)
"Hey" Instrumental M.F.Doom (1997)
"Babulu" James Last (1971)
"Get a Jar" Tame One (2004)
interlude beat Sleptembers
"Becoming unwritten " The Roots (2008)
"Unwritten" The Roots (2008)
"Right On" The Roots (2010)
outro Sleptembers

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