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Decades Pass

2009 had some great moments, I learned a lot and lost a lot. Here is a auditory last call for this decade, a mix of what I have been listening to lately. Random at times, but it sums up my general feeling as I conclude another X. Wouldn't be right if I did not take a quick moment to reflect and thank all my friends out there who are my true family, with out you guys I would not be who I am.

Here is a sample:

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The Juan Maclean.

If you have 21 minutes to kill.

Blue Print 2.2

Normally I dont repost, but this idea is pretty awesome. Haven't heard it yet cause the audio no worky on my computer, so I'll let the guy who made it speak for himself...

So over the last few weeks, I’ve put together my own edit of Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 2 using tracks from the original album, the 2.1 re-release, and other Jay-Z tracks of the time period. I’ve also made a few surgical cuts to the tracks themselves (shortened intros/outros, removed unnecessary guests, etc.) all in the name of making a better, more “Blueprint” worthy listening experience. And all of which is documented in the liner notes that come with it... Thanks Dave. Get your music on

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kid Cudi: Pursuit of Happiness

(borderline not even rap music anymore...kind of ok with that...kinda wish this song was an instrumental.)
Cool video though...HD high speed in slow mo makes everything look cooler.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Double Dutch

Stay Positive Folks. Whole Slew of mixes coming soon to close out the year.

Be seeing you.

Cosmic Brunch.

1) CFCF - Raining Patterns
2) Little Dragon - Feather
3) HEALTH - Die Slow (Pink Stallone remix)
4) Lykke Li - Little Bit (Loving Hand remix)
5) I Level - Give Me
6) Jaymz Bedford - Just Keep My Boogie
7) Metro Area - We Also Not
8) Casual T - Thank You for Your Love
9) Sammy Barbot - Mexico (Lovefinger's Barrio edit)
10) Bim Marx & Master Khan - Don't Fall
11) First Touch - It's Yours
12) Larry Dixon - Can't Price Love
13) The Soft Rocks - Spank
14) BB & Q Band - Dreamer
15) Jeremy Jay - Gallop
16) Azymuth - Dear Limmertz
17) Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader (Neon Indian 'Studio 6669' remix)
18) I Am The Cosmos - Remembering You
19) Hiroshi Sato - Say Goodbye 

You: Ryuichi Sakamoto & Katsuhiro Otomo

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We Can Make Sandwiches

never gets old. we can make sandwiches...

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