Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Hey guys. Just wrapped up a pretty whirlwind 5 days down in miami (it felt like 2 weeks!) I finally had a chance to get back on the old interweb for a minute...how the emails do pile up huh. I went onto a few blogs and sites which i frequent to get my usual info or data from..I thought I would share a few of them with you.
First up..."Lego Digital Designer" Available for both Mac and PC allows you to play with the building blocks that provided countless hours of entertainment. If you're idle at lunch or have some time to kill check it out.
Lego Digital DesignerOn a more useful note. In the past several months there has been an extreme crackdown on filesharing over the internet. New laws enforced by the EU has left American IP's restricted from some of the great torrent sites for music and movies.TV-LINKS.CO.UK SHUTDOWN We are in luck though. AXXO, provider of some of the best DVD quality rips is still available! SuperfundoHey do you like Pens? No shit? I like pens too! Here's some dude that really likes pens and writes about all of the pens he has come across. Pen 15 Club

well thats it for now.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

MrKiji @ Art Basel Miami

I'm heading down to begin working on an exhbition for Art Basel in Miami in this weekend. If you do happen to be down there yourself or you know people who will be down there you/they should come see me/I and Mr. Diet. While youre down here/there you should definitely also go and check out the likes of friends like Ellis G., El Mac, Chris Yormick, The 62 and..well a whole bunch of other awesome and talented people.

Classics Part 2

Another installment of classic songs to enjoy folks.


Cause its Incredible.


Monday, December 3, 2007

Sweater Weather

It's that time of year, the wind makes you tuck your head into your coat like a turtle. Mitten fingers fumble for keys, wallets and metrocards. Those times sitting cozy indoors looking out through the condensation on a windowpane moving your head steadily closer until the tip of your nose touches....These are sweater weather memories, if anything these songs conjur similar images.