Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thundercats Outtakes

I cant lie..I loved this show when I was a youngin'. This is a necessary listen to. Theres something great about hearing the voice actors just be normal people...who think some of the stuff they have to read/say is kind of AYO..or just plain absurd and stupid.

anyways.. chuckle up.

post script: i will be back in a week or two when i have some new mixes.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Production Logo Animations

Production Logo Animations use a specific aural and visual language. Usually they seem to embody the epic and dramatic. They dont make many production logos like they used to.

^^^(not surprisingly this was compiled by MK12)

Buckaroo Bonzai & The Hong Kong Cavaliers

Monday, January 14, 2008


Recently Bravo decided to show Beetlejuice. Which reminded me how much i enjoy soundtracks. So first off for your enjoyment, Beetlejuice. Danny Elfman is no joke when it comes to musical scores..having So enjoy Danny Elfman's classic for Beetlejuice.

1. Main Titles (02:27)
2. Travel Music (01:07)
3. The Book! / Obituaries (01:30)
4. Enter... "The Family" / Sand Worm Planet (02:50)
5. The Fly (00:50)
6. Lydia Discovers? (00:59)
7. In The Model (01:35)
8. Juno's Theme (00:48)
9. Beetle-Snake (02:08)
10. "Sold" (00:35)
11. The Flier / Lydia's Pep Talk (01:25)
12. Day-O (03:05) Performed by Harry Belafonte
13. The Incantation (03:11)
14. Lydia Strikes A Bargain... (00:52)
15. Showtime! (01:05)
16. "Laughs" (02:33)
17. The Wedding (02:02)
18. The Aftermath (01:21)
19. End Credits (02:47)
20. Jump In Line (Shake, Shake SeƱora)

*Download Link:

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Magnificent Speeds Around the Universe

Hey folks! I've been on a bit of a hiatus but plan to get the ball rolling again. Dont have a long winded explanation for the following tracks. Enjoy.