Friday, November 30, 2007

Andrew Bird Fingerlings 3

Enjoy folks. Tonight live at the Beacon. Fingerlings 3 is an odd assortment of mostly acoustic or live recordings of various tracks including several unreleased songs.

Fingerlings 3 (2006)

Fingerlings 3 is Bird’s third in an ongoing series of live albums - this edition is a slight anomaly in that for the first time it isn’t composed entirely of songs recorded live in front of an audience. “Dear Dirty” is a studio track that didn’t make it onto an album and “The Water Jet Cilice” and “Ethiobirds” were recorded live (solo) to an audience of crickets and cicadas at Andrew’s home studio in a barn in rural western Illinois. From that audience of a few hundred interested insects to a performance of “Measuring Cups” for an crowd of thousands at Lollapalooza, the songs span the last few years of live performances, and include live versions of favorites from The Mysterious Production of Eggs and the upcoming 2007 album Armchair Apocrypha (“Dark Matter” and “Scythian Empire”). Covers of Son House’s “Grinnin in Your Face” and The Handsome Family’s “Tin Foil” round out the setlist. Drummer / multi-instrumentalist Dosh appears on 4 tracks.

1. Grinnin’
2. Dark Matter
3. The Water Jet Cilice
4. Measuring Cups
5. The Happy Birthday Song
6. A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left
7. Scythian Empire
8. Dear Dirty
9. Tin Foil
10. Ethiobirds

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