Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Last of The decade"

Made just hours before the people of earth jumped in to the 10's ( is that what were calling it..) Sleptember#4 is a continuation of the Slept Tapes that have been cranked out over the past 15 years. Theres a simple tried & true format to these mixes,burn something then make something..No planning, no Rhyme or reason,, a product of the stars and Quasars if you will, This one is especially heavy on that vibe..

Sleptember # 4 (12:31:09)

"Almustafa The Beloved" - BILLY COBHAM / GEORGE DUKE BAND
"Snake Song" - Bonnie White (6:03)
"Love Song" - Lani Hall (8:37)
"Requiem Pour Un Con" - Serge Gainsbourg (11:33)
"Bubble Gum" (snip it)- 9th Creation (14:15)
"Sand & Rain" - Nancy Holloway (14:42)
"Deliver The Word" (snip it)- WAR (19:46)
"Celestial Blues" - Gary Bartz Ntu Troop (20:48)
"Creator Has A master Plan" ( snip it)- Norman Connor's (27:30)
"A.E.O.C" - Edan (28:30)

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