Monday, October 5, 2009

Hood Tuesday: Welcome to Harlem World part 2

Big L formed, Harlem approved. Big L, Killa Cam, Murda Mase, Bloodshed and Herb McGruff (star of out last visit to Harlem Rap town) formed The Children of The Corn. After Bloodshed died, Cam went to college and Mase went to Bad Boy. Fast forward L got bucked up and while a great start for these boys, nothing happened with this material (aside from mixtapes and such) until 2003. A little late but as promised, enjoy Children of the Corn


Picnic902 said...


Willi said...

I knew Azikiwe had to have posted that one. ..Thanks for the uptown love!
Where did cam go to school?

loves it

ace 12 said...

i think he actually went to wesleyan. look at all these rumours...floating around.