Friday, August 14, 2009

Sorry Tim, no Pootie Tang, but there is Shaq

Bumped into a chum-rade of mine a few days ago and we got to talking about Pootie Tang. Prince Paul made most of the music for the movie, upon further research Paul and Louis C.K. (Louis C.K. wrote and directed the movie) made most of the music, but only the new shit for the movie. Score type stuff. The soundtrack is what I have, can't find the score here's some Shaq. Boasting production credits from K-Cut from Main Source, Ali Shaheed and Erick Sermon, this albums really not that bad, and at points is pretty fucking ill. My mom copped this for me years back when she still handled the music, just re bought the cd today. Never Been happier. I know I got skills man, I know I got Skills man

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Klaimco said...


soooo sick you put this up.

i am the biggest magic fan known to man. shaq was my hero growing up. in elementary school if you weren't wearing a shaq shirt you working doing it right...

i remember he did a song with fife-boy... the chorus went something like...

shaq: 'yo, fife-boy... where you at?
fife-boy: 'i'm over here'
fife-boy: 'yo, shaq... where you at?
shaq: 'i'm over here'

i hope this track is on the album. i need to hunt that down.

great post, +100 points!

*dumpster funk silly waves.