Friday, July 3, 2009

The Ambassador of Boogie Funk

Photo by Mathew Scott

Known as Los Angeles' "Ambassador of Boogie Funk," dãm-funk represents the citizens of the Funkmosphere. Headquartered in the Culver City section of L.A., dãm (pronounced: 'Dame' as in Damon) spent the last few years cultivating a musical renaissance rooted in the early-'80s styles known as Boogie, Modern Soul and Electro-Funk.

As a DJ/selector, dãm attracts the most discerning Boogie Funk afficionados within driving distance of his storied Monday-night Funkmosphere parties. But it's not just collectors at the bar toasting to the melodic sounds. Anyone who grooves to the likes of Slave, Aurra, early Prince, Prelude Records and the like, will get a dose of those groups' unknown contemporaries – more obscure but equally Funk-worthy.

The next phase of the Ambassador's mission: continuing the classic West Coast tradition into today's scene with dãm's own original "Modern-Funk" compositions. By plugging in his arsenal of vintage synths and drum machines, dãm channels the galactic harmonies of his inspiration into his own brand of new boogie. Stones Throw Records' like-minded honcho Peanut Butter Wolf brought dãm on to the team to glide into the future with his unique, synth and bass-driven vibe. It's a promising new chapter for Southern Cali space funk. via STONESTHROW RECORDS

Spark one up, dim the lights, grab a glass of your favorite poison, snuggle with your boo, sit back and relax... BBC MIX for your listening pleasure HERE. You will not be disappointed.


ace 12 said...

im so glad you posted this, i love this guy. really looking forward to hearing. saw him live a while back and he was mindblowing.

imelectric said...

he'll be in BK in August with Animal Collective. Let's go.

ace 12 said...

we should have a blog chief of staff outing to go see this dude, and then do a exclusive interview for new kidz.

LizaJane said...

DONE. i will call stones throw.

imelectric said...

sorry was working from my friend's puter - but DONE will call stones throw.