Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hood Tuesday...Godfather Don?

That dude who fucked with Keith (Cenobites) and Ultramag (he did most of The Four Horsemen album for Ultra)? That is true. Kiji put it on me when he sent me this Godfather Don and Keith joint called slaves, which is apparently where The Cenobites got their start (for The Cenobites version of this joint that got cut from the album click here). After Ultramag time Godfather released a handfull of material some of which is still getting released super limited style, here is the album he made after The Cenobites, Diabolique. Since the whole album couldn't fit into one download I made a second that has some of his other stuff, ep's and such. Enjoy.

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john breiner said...

wow..the ever fleeting euphoria caused by hiphop.......is in this post..