Monday, March 2, 2009

Da Storm

This felt like an appropriate time to share one of my favorite albums ever. Enjoy.


Klaimco said...


tuff! my friend put me onto this album give or take 5 years ago. it became an instant classic. sometimes great albums slip through the cracks but you catch it a while later. what are friends for?

*dumpster funk gunn clapp.


Sweat Shop Studios said...

Yes!!! This is one of the best albums from the 90's Boot Camp era. I talked to Sean Price a year ago when He was shooting a video at Frank's Chop Shop. I asked him why the Fab 5 album never happened (OGC and Heltah Skeltah). He replied... Well, one of us won't leave the street. We try to get him in the studio but he gets his money elsewhere.

The man named...

Starang Wonda of OGC aka (The Starangala, a name he aquired due to the fact he would strangle his fight victims till they passed out.)

File under Gangster